On-Demand Volume Subscription Licensing with 30%+ Savings on First Year Operating Expenses

The transition from perpetual to subscription software hasn’t changed the dynamic that exists between software vendors and customers. Vendors still control pricing levers so to get the lowest price the customer often needs to pre-purchase licenses before they’re required. The customer is forced to develop one-off, ad hoc software licensing strategies as inflexible vendor licensing models don’t address the customer’s balance sheet and income statement requirements.

SubscriptionCENTRAL helps eliminate the financial barriers associated with volume software subscription. It’s an innovative consumption model which allows you to combine volume discounts with flexible-schedule deployment which aligns actual usage costs and your future operational budgets.

First year operating expenses are reduced by 30% or more by deferring costs until licenses are actually deployed. The costs incurred now match the delivery of benefits.

Unique and customized for every enterprise customer, SubscriptionCENTRAL provides licensing options not available from any software vendor. It allows you to determine accounting treatment specific to your organization’s financial goals. SubscriptionCENTRAL provides:

  • Deferred deployment
  • Potential OpEx to CapEx conversion
  • The option of splitting out monthly maintenance costs in a subscription environment
  • The lowest possible purchase price

Why SubscriptionCENTRAL?

  • Each transaction structure is custom developed to capture the maximum vendor volume purchase discount.
  • Allows you to better match your software subscription OpEx costs to your roll out plan over time.
  • Typically delivers substantial cost reductions to first year OpEx by deferring operating expenses until actual deployment and usage of the software.
  • Helps align costs with revenues and project deliverables.

Central Technology Services provides innovative, customized financial solutions that remove budgetary barriers from software and hardware purchases. We partner with more than 40 top enterprise technology companies, including 8 of the top 10 Global 100 software leaders and have structured over a billion dollars in transactions over the last 20 years.