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Central Technology Services is the software industry’s leading financial services partner specializing in assisting Fortune 1000 companies and their vendors manage the financial, operational and budgetary issues associated with acquiring enterprise software and related technology assets. Central’s suite of software license solutions helps enterprise companies better manage their business, balance sheet and EBITDA drivers to leverage the industry’s evolving range of subscription, cloud and perpetual license software options.

Enjoy Volume Discounts and Implement Licenses When You’re Ready

Get perpetual software licensing at the lowest possible price, and only pay maintenance on the licenses you are using. Our innovative software licensing model delivers volume discount rates based on your company’s future needs, with a customized, flexible deployment schedule tailor-made to align costs within your current operational budget.

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Benefit from a 30% or More Reduction to Your First-Year Operating Expenses and Volume Discounts

Enjoy on-demand software subscription licensing and take full advantage of available volume discounts. Our innovative software subscription model delivers volume discount rates based on your company’s future needs, while matching subscription costs to your planned use of the software and available operating budgets.

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Secure Volume Discounts and Pay Only for the Capacity You Use

Optimize accounting for cloud software with volume discounts based on your future software needs while avoiding the costs of unused capacity. Customized, flexible deployment schedules are tailor-made to match costs to your available operational budget.

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