Take Advantage of Volume Discounts and Implement Licenses When You’re Ready

Software CENTRAL is an innovative software licensing model that provides you with perpetual licenses at the lowest possible price, long-term cost control and combines flexible deployment and fee schedules.

With SoftwareCENTRAL, you purchase the software and support you will need for the future resulting in savings and better control of both capital and operating expenses. First year operating expenses are often reduced by 50% or more by deferring costs until licenses are actually deployed and eliminating maintenance fees on the licenses not yet in use. With SoftwareCENTRAL, amortization and maintenance fees are structured to fit your budget and schedule, freeing up cash flow.

SoftwareCENTRAL is unique to every organization. Customized deployment schedules align your usage with available budgets and can be adjusted as your needs change.

Your organization doesn’t have to delay projects due to in-year budget constraints. Lock in multi-year volume discounts and lower software costs with SoftwareCENTRAL.

Why SoftwareCENTRAL?

  • Each transaction structure is uniquely developed to capture the maximum vendor volume discount.
  • Allows you better control of your CapEx and OpEx costs over an extended window.
  • Typically results in a minimum 50% reduction to first year operating expenses for software and support by deferring costs until licenses are deployed.
  • Aligns costs with revenues and project deliverables.

Central Technology Services provides innovative, customized financial solutions that remove budgetary barriers from software and hardware purchases. We partner with more than 40 top enterprise technology companies, including 8 of the top 10 Global 100 software leaders and have structured over a billion dollars in transactions over the last 20 years.