Secure Volume Discounts and Pay Only for the Capacity That You Use

Migrating to the cloud is complicated and understanding how to properly manage a cloud-related budget is equally challenging.

CloudCENTRAL may be the missing piece to your cloud transformation project. Bridging from a perpetual environment to cloud may have multiple phases and many organizations are reluctant to pay for future cloud licenses when they have existing obligations. CloudCENTRAL helps you manage the move from perpetual licenses.

CloudCENTRAL provides you with volume discounts based on your future software needs and provides a customized, flexible deployment and pricing schedule. If the move to cloud increases EBITDA pressures for your organization, CloudCENTRAL can improve in-year key financial performance measures and leverage ratios.

FASB 350-40 is an accounting guideline which is causing many organizations to rethink their cloud strategy. Central Technology is expert in helping customers manage the complexities of interpreting complex FASB and IFRS accounting guidelines. CloudCENTRAL may allow you to convert your cloud subscription from operating to capital expense costs through SoftwareLease, moving operating costs to interest and amortization expenses below the EBITDA line. It eliminates the negative earnings impact created by the transition from perpetual license to cloud and SaaS offerings. CloudCENTRAL provides:

  • Avoid paying for unused capacity
  • Potential OpEx to CapEx conversion
  • Eliminate negative impact to earnings from OpEx-heavy software subscriptions
  • The lowest possible purchase price


  • Each transaction structure is custom designed to lock in the maximum available volume purchase discount from the software vendor.
  • Provides the benefits of CapEx treatment of subscription OpEx expense.
  • Eliminates negative impact to earnings from OpEx-heavy software subscriptions.
  • Results in improvements to key performance measurements and leverage ratios for reporting to investors and stakeholders.

Central Technology Services provides innovative, customized financial solutions that remove budgetary barriers from software and hardware purchases. We partner with more than 40 top enterprise technology companies, including 8 of the top 10 Global 100 software leaders and have structured over a billion dollars in transactions over the last 20 years.