SubscriptionCENTRAL Captures Volume Deal While Reducing First Year OpEx 32%

The Client

One of Canada’s largest food chains serving over 2000 locations across the country.

The Challenge

The client had been making significant investments in technology in order to lower costs and improve service in the face of increased competition. Due to an acquisition they were also combining technology platforms to take advantage of economies of scale. The transformation included replacing a wide range of software that supports the help desk, IT governance, reporting and analytics, employee self-service and a number of custom applications. This resulted in the elimination of servers, databases and terabytes of storage. Due to the project scale and complexity the implementation would span several quarters.

The Solution

Central structured an Enterprise Licensing Agreement (ELA) using SubscriptionCENTRAL that allowed the client to lock in lower costs on all licenses right away while only taking delivery of the licenses as they were needed in the organization. A pre-determined, but flexible, deployment schedule delivered the initial licenses immediately while the balance of licenses were delivered over a planned one-year roll-out. This allowed the client to match the costs for the licenses and maintenance to when the licenses are implemented.


The client was able to commit to the larger purchase and lower the overall costs on their software while realizing a 32% reduction in their first year OpEx.