SoftwareCENTRAL Solves Divisional Budget Constraints

The Client

One of Canada’s largest regional communications companies providing voice, data, internet, converged IP networks and unified communications solutions to over 65,000 customers across Western Canada and Ontario.


Like many companies, the client’s virtualization initiatives involve multiple stakeholders across the company, each with different software license requirements and available budget dollars. Timing differences between divisions as to when licenses were required and could be acquired within their budget cycles were preventing the company from taking advantage of volume discounts available through consolidation of their software purchases. To complicate matters, the company was in the middle splitting its operations into two distinct corporate entities adding further uncertainty as to how best to proceed with acquiring their immediate software needs.


Central structured a volume Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) that allowed the client to commit to purchasing their current and future software requirements today to lock in lower pricing, while at the same time matching the deployment and payment schedules for the software and maintenance to each division’s available budget. The contracts were also structured to allow for the expected re-alignment between the corporate entities.


Using SoftwareCENTRAL, Central was able to consolidate the client’s current and future software purchases into a single ELA commitment for a much larger number of licenses. Timing of delivery of the licenses and the budget impact of the ELA were matched to the expected needs of each division. Central’s solution allowed the customer to commit to both current and future software needs today. Additionally, the client recognized a 24% reduction in their first year OpEx.