SoftwareCENTRAL Maximizes Volume Discounts Across Multiple Cost Centres

The Client

A leading financial services group with principal operations in Asia, Canada and the United States offering life & health insurance, long-term care services, pension products, annuities, mutual funds and banking products.


The client was facing a large renewal on their existing CA mainframe software licenses, as well as a license upgrade to their mainframe. In addition, IT was planning on replacing software and had plans to undertake a separate application performance management project.

With multiple cost centers and business units funding the project, the challenge for the client was how to take advantage of the savings available by committing to all the planned projects upfront without the negative impact to their budgets, since the projects were not scheduled for implementation until the following year.


Using SoftwareCENTRAL, Central structured the transaction which allowed the client to commit to both the renewal licenses and the following year’s projects immediately, but take delivery of the licenses when they were needed. By transferring the licenses when they were required, Central was able to match the amortization and maintenance costs of the new licenses to the individual business units’ budgets.


SoftwareCENTRAL allowed the client to take advantage of attractive pricing on existing and new licenses without the negative budget impact Additionally, the client realized a 51% reduction in their first year OpEx.